Benefits of Reading a Book Before Going to Sleep – One MansView

I am an advocate for reading a good book before going to sleep for several reasons that I will share with you below.

I tend to lead a stressful work life and often need to bring work home to complete during in the evenings. This work has the impact of being front in my mind when I do go to bed. If I do not read before bed, I know that I will lie there thinking of the thing that I have not completed, and the items that I still have to finish the next day.

Other thoughts tend to keep me awake, and the frustrating thing is that I can not act on any of these thoughts. For example, those few times that I am behind on my rent, If I go to sleep without becoming engaged in a story of one type or another, I will lie there and worry about finances for an hour or maybe more. The frustrating thing is that while I can and do worry, I can’t make any money at that time of night. There is no way that I can improve my financial position, but my brain will not let the subject go until I eventually do fall asleep.

On the other hand, when I am reading a book that is of interest to me, and I am caught up mentally in the story, any worries that I may have been pushed firmly to the back of my mind. Reading after a long day does make me tired, and I reach a point in the story that makes sense, I can typically turn off the light and drift off peacefully.

If for some reason any day to day problems are still on my mind I can put them away by imagining the evens of the book I was reading and picture myself being the hero or another character and I can begin to fantasize about their actions and what they may do. I find personally that this allows me to go to sleep quite quickly. Curiously, ever get fare with any of these fantasies. After a few minutes, I am asleep.

While this works for me, I am not sure if it will work for ece==very one. I do believe that you actually need to enjoy reading and that you need to be someone that can drift away into a story and become i=engrossed in the written activities on a page by page basis, particularly those excellent books that you don’t actually want to have to put down, but you know that you have to.

In short, becoming immersed in reading a book will take your mind off of the day to day worries and allow you to sleep quicker and better. That said, if you are not tired, or if you are not immersed in the story in front of you then reading will do nothing to assist you to fall asleep. If you are having problems sleeping, ask a friend or co-worker if they know of a good book that would be of interest to you and see how reading a book before going to sleep will assist you.